Switchboards + Switchrooms

Our switchboards are manufactured in an air-conditioned environment to limit contamination that could reduce their working life.

ISAS developed our own modular construction switchboard, the FORM 4 system.   The FORM 4 bus system is certified to 50kA for 3 seconds and up to 3200Amps.  FORM 4’s construction provides for natural convection cooling and Appendix EE limited arc fault containment.  The Form 4 allows for full width cable zones, and maximum flexibility in its application with various modules sizes. FORM 4 is fully type tested and certified.

Over the past 30 years we have supplied switchboards throughout regional Australia and internationally, ranging from small projects to complex and large projects ranging upto $12M.

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Form4 is a modular system manufactured and tested in our Perth and Darwin workshops. Australian Standards, and type tested to AS/NZS 3439.1. A focal point of Form4 design is requirements for short circuit and Arc Fault Containment.

Our material sources ensure absolute compliance to Australian and International standards. Reputable Australian suppliers provide the equipment used in the manufacture of ISAS switchboards. Local businesses provide steelworks, surface treatment, busbar, electrical equipment, and cabling. ISAS provide the highest standards and ongoing service using these methods.

The Form4 switchboard system is modular, cost effective and flexible in design. This allows for complete customisation of design in every switchboard. Form4’s design means easy workshop assembly and quick on site modifications. Standard components make up the modular system. The base Form4 system configures a variety of equipment.

The single piece channel base provides a solid structure for the switchboard. Hot dipped, 75mm thick galvanised steel makes up the base of each Form4 design .

Full height cable zones provide a full 300mm wide door opening. There is over 400mm of usable space inside the cable zone. This allows for generous glanding space for all tier arrangements. Switchboard arrangements can be single or double sided. Form4 supports both top and bottom cable entry.

ISAS stock all sizes of the modular components in their Darwin and Welshpool factory. We build most switchboard arrangements with low turn around.

The system is versatile in use and suitable for use in

  • Demountable Motor Control Centers with either Form 3 or Form 4 Motor Starters
  • Main Switchboards
  • Distribution Boards
  • PLC and Marshaling Cubicles
  • Soft Starters and Variable Speed Enclosures
  • Power Factor Correction Modules

The standard system is off the shelf in steel. Form4 is also available in Aluminium and Stainless Steel.

A separate overhead bus duct contains the main busbar system. Project requirements set the rating of the main busbar system. Removal of the overhead bus duct lid can provide access to all joints and connections. Form4 is compatible with thermographic surveying. When isolated, technicians can check all busbar connections.

Neutral bars are available in half size or full size, depending project specifications. ISAS technicians install dropper busbars ranging in size from 400A to 1000A, and for both 3 and 4 pole arrangements. Busbar systems can be air insulated or in full separation as specified.

ISAS can make changes to the design and arrangement with ease. This suits the modern fast tracked market. Customer expectations are at peak in the industries ISAS works with. With the complete interchangeability of same size components within tiers and switchboards, ISAS Form4 excels in it’s field.


A major aim in many remote site projects is to reduce the on-site labour costs. ISAS can provide complete Substations, Switch-rooms, Control Rooms or Kiosks for our switchboards. When our product arrives on site, it is complete, and ready for final cable connections by the contractor. Site planning by the contractor can start well before the switch-room arrives on site. This will ensure cables are in place well before the equipment arrives on site.

ISAS switch-rooms can meet the strictest of site environment requirements. We have designed to cyclone ratings, dusty, salty environments, and extreme temperatures. Our technicians can commission the completed project in our air conditioned workshop environment. We can also open our workshop to our clients to perform specific commissioning or other testing.

Our switch-room projects have covered a range of designs. ISAS can build simple single room enclosures. We have also build very complex projects. ISAS have designed and built multi roomed enclosures complete with such features as:

  • Motor Control Centre
  • Wired in Variable Speed Drives
  • Programmable Logic Controllers
  • Distribution Boards
  • Very Early Smoke Detecting Apparatus
  • Fire Indicator Panel
  • Gas Flooding
  • Air-Conditioning

Housed in a raised switch room complete with platform and stairs.

ISAS can also build alternative, or more economical switchroom arrangements from 10, 20 or 40ft sea containers. Combinations of ISAS switchroom products provides modularity and flexibility.